Sunday, December 20, 2015

Another Loss for Our Class

I'm so sorry to have to report the loss of yet another classmate: Marilyn Makumal Cihlar passed away November 11 in Hephzibah, Georgia, after a long battle with cancer. Needless to say, our thoughts and prayers go out to Marilyn's friends and family.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

We've Lost Sue Long Larson

When Quaker Oats transferred her dad to Chicago, Sue moved into an apartment a short block from my house ---- and we became fast friends. How well I remember weekly exciting canasta games with Sue and her mom; I remember ice skating on St Joe's creek ---- and I remember the day Sue fell and broke her leg while ice skating. I remember her folks taking us to the big dog show in Chicago; suffice it to say, I remember a wonderful time spent growing up with Sue.

With the arrival of high school came our heading different directions. But my fondness for Sue never lessened. And how happy I was to learn she married Dick Larson, another childhood friend who grew up a couple of blocks from me.

2 years ago, I was stunned and saddened to learn Sue had been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She fought valiantly to beat this, but in the end ....... Sue passed away peacefully August 14. As Dick said in a note to me, "Heaven has a new angel".

I'm sure all in the class join me in sending our deepest sympathy to Dick and family; certainly, we all share their grief.

I have Been Remiss....

It's been some 4 months since I last updated you on John's recovery. For this, I am so sorry. My biggest problem has been my computer which, among other things, was rather "fried" when lightning hit much too close to the house. While it's now up and sort of running most of the time, it's still having lapses to the point of refusing to do anything. However, for now, it's operating and I'm here to tell you John is doing superbly. He actually "walked" into his surgeon's office on crutches. He's still limited in his activities, and he's still undergoing intensive therapy, but he's making great progress. Gordon and Allene Rudolph Rondeau dropped by for a visit with John and Ann, but I'm unable to print any of the pictures they shared; another of my computer's current problems is its inability to upload pictures.

Continue to keep John and Ann in your thoughts and prayers. Until he runs a marathon, he needs all the love and caring we can muster up. And drop him a line or a card or an e-mail --- I know he'd be thrilled to hear from all of you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

John's Adventures 3 Weeks Later.....

When I last updated you on John's condition, he had just arrived back at St Mary's Hospital for a resumption of physical therapy. Since then, each day he gets better and better because of the intense therapy and his strong will.

John has been able to transfer himself from his bed to the chair for a few weeks now. He can stand for a very short moment, but his left leg isn't able to support him yet. His core is getting stronger by the day and there are hopes his lower body will soon follow.

The hospital is talking about releasing him to home on or about 4/21. The house will need modifications (it's multi-story) and John and Ann will need assistance, but Ann says "Whatever it takes". They both are looking forward to, once again, being at home together.

If you're on Facebook, John's family has been posting pictures. I can no longer post pictures to this blog, and I'm not sure why, tho I'm in touch with Google to see what we can do about this.

Anyhow, please continue with the e-mails and cards. And please keep up the good thoughts and prayers --- they are the magic bullet to recovery.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Update on John

My last report on John had him awaiting transfer back to the rehab hospital. Well, that's been accomplished and he's having some 3 hours + of therapy per day. The staph infection is "gone", tho he will remain on antibiotics for the foreseeable future. The doctors anticipate a stay of at least 5 more weeks in rehab at which time he'll be reevaluated and a decision about future therapy will be reached.

As of now, John has left-sided deficits, mostly in his leg, tho his body seems to be responding well to the intense therapy. His right side (leg, mostly) has some weakness but is also responding well to the PT.

I spoke with him yesterday; his spirits are high, and he's thrilled with the messages he has received from our classmates. So please continue to send e-mails and/or cards --- and please continue praying for him; as Ann says "we believe in the power of prayer, so keep them coming".

I'll try to keep you informed, but if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another Loss for our Class

It is with profound sadness that I write this post. A note from Barney Biestman yesterday informed us of the passing of his wife, Judie Walker Biestman, on February 26 after a 20-year battle with cancer. I last saw Judie at the 50th reunion and thought she looked almost the same as she had in high school.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to Barney and his and Judie's family. I hope it helps him to know we share his grief.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Current News about John

It seems wrong somehow to try and make John Spencer's medical issues humorous anymore.  I say this because his most recent back surgeries have made a bad situation so much worse and have caused him much pain. And there's nothing funny about that.

As you read in the e-mail I sent, John's original surgery was 1/26; it was intended to repair an impingement in his neck. Due to post-op complications, John was back in surgery 1/28 to repair bone perforations of the spinal sheath; this resulted in the fusing of C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, and T1. After a time post-op, John was transferred to a rehab hospital some 100 miles away, BUT when he developed a staph infection in the incision, he was transferred back to the hospital where he underwent more surgery to clean out the wound and incision and rid John of the infection. And that's where things are now. He's waiting to get the go-ahead for a transfer back to the rehab hospital so he can begin/continue with his recovery.

As I said in the e-mail, cards and/or e-mails would certainly cheer him up. But please don't call him because he is having difficulty managing his phone. He appreciates the thoughts but for now, it's too hard for him to deal with.

I'll try to keep this updated as best I can. It sounds like John is out of the woods but has a great deal of work ahead of him. Please keep him and Ann and the rest of the family in your thoughts and prayers.